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Nice to Meet You

Hi! I'm Vanessa, mom of 3 and owner of Little Friends Play. I always knew that I wanted to own a business tailored to children and after relocating to Tennessee, I found a need for safe, clean, fun for babies and toddlers. After months of research and design, Little Friends Play was born.

I love inclusivity and lets face it, it's hard to find a playground that babies and toddlers can play safely on. Our soft play playgrounds are tailored to kiddos ages 0-5. Instead of worrying about them being trampled on by the bigger kids, you can watch the joy on their faces as they develop important skills such as balance, coordination and problem solving.

Rest assured that when you book an event with us, you're investing in the safest, cleanest and most fun for your little one's big day. Our equipment, including our ball pit balls, is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after each use, using non-toxic products that kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. 

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